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Membership Rates

To become a member please print out and complete the Membership Application and bring it to Front Office.

                                1 Month    3 Months    6 Months     1 Year     Charter     Day Passes

Youth (12 and under)                 $19                    $37                   $56                     $80                  $68                        $3


Teen (13 to 18)                             $23                    $42                   $67                     $103                $88                        $3


Young Adult (19 to 25)               $33                    $58                   $111                    $161              $138                        $5


Adult (26-61)                               $44                     $81                   $160                    $253              $217                        $5


Senior Adult (62 and older)     $37                     $74                   $148                    $218              $187                        $3


Family                                          $74                     $143                 $279                    $461              $395                         –


Single Parent Family                 $67                     $127                $245                     $392              $336                         –


Senior Adult Family                  $62                     $120                $234                     $369              $316                          –

***Purchase a key fob for 24/7 Gym Access, see details below!

Membership Benefits

N4Cs membership gives you access to the Fitness Center, Gymnasium, Library and Learning Center, Multipurpose Room, Game Room, and discounts on specialty classes and programs. In addition, members have priority to rent the center’s meeting room(s) for birthdays, organization meetings, receptions, and/or workshops.

Scholarship Aid is available to eligible families and individuals. Complete and submit the Scholarship Assistance Form and return it to Danielle at N4Cs.

Payment Information

Payments may be made by cash, check, money order, credit card, or monthly debit enrollment. We can debit your checking or savings account on annual memberships only, at a yearly rate on a monthly basis. Make checks payable to Northern Columbia Community and Cultural Center, NCCCC, or N4Cs.

24/7 Access Information

24/7 access is available for members 18 and over. Adding 24/7 access to your membership will give you access to the fitness room outside of our normal business hours. A 24/7 key fob is an additional $20 on top of your membership fees. Lost or damaged fobs will cost $30 to replace. For family memberships, a key fob is needed for EACH INDIVIDUAL member that would like 24/7 access.


Anyone caught brining in other members with their key fob will have their membership terminated immediately. 24/7 policies will be reviewed upon purchase of your key fob. Breaking ANY of these rules will result in immediate termination of your membership.

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